MUON Charging Station COMING SOON

 495,00 Vanaf prijs excl. BTW

The MUON charging station is designed specifically for use with the smart energy management system JULLIX. The MUON charging station has 4 charging modes to provide optimal and cost-effective charging adapted to customer needs.



Muon Charging Station

4 available charging modes :


You use this charging mode when you still have enough energy in the car and are not making any major trips in the short term. The car should not be fully loaded but if there is surplus it may be loaded.


You use this charging mode when you want your car to be charged as quickly as possible, but you still don’t want the capacity charge to be exceeded.


You use this charging mode when you want to charge your car as quickly as possible and its cost is not important. The charging power is then limited only by the maximum charging power of the charging station and the maximum power of the installation.


This charging mode allows the Jullix with optimization to control when and how fast the car is charged. You use this mode when you know you will not use the car for the next 8am (12am) period. The algorithm will then determine the best time to load the car at the lowest possible cost, taking into account the capacity tariff.